26 octobre 2012

Envoi d'Alejandro | Madrid 25 octobre 1/2

Vingt minutes en soirée à Madrid hier. Beaucoup de monde et de lumière encore à cette heure. Twenty minutes of shots yesterday evening in Madrid, many people and further light at this time.
Alejandro: "Very rainy week in Madrid, in these days of vacation I spent a day in Madrid on 25th october. Very few girls in riding boots and many boots Hunter, but this is what happens in many european cities, fashion is fashion and Madrid hunter boots are very fashionable."

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Soraia Peris a dit…

Hello :) I have seen your comment in my blog now and of course, you can use pics and make a post about my look!! I'm very pleasure :)
My email is: soraiaperiscalleja@gmail.com , send me and email telling me what pics do you like and I'll send it :)
Thank you very much!! Kisses


Chris a dit…

Superbes ces zooms sur la femme en jean et pull gris