05 octobre 2012

Vendredi 5 octobre

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Randy a dit…

it is amazing Arno how many nice pictures we get from you and from Madrid, Warsaw. The last one here, where the girl sits on the table looks great to me. NO rain and BDC thats even better.

Thanks for all this nice ones


arno a dit…

Thanx Randy.
It's the same girl on three pics.
I think it was maybe 25° in shadow.
Surprising weather, cold, suddenly warm, very rainy (except today), very sunny in the same day.
I confirm, no rain today. Short indian summer.

Chris a dit…

Hier soir la "nuit blanche" et la belle pluie en début de soirée , donc beaucoup de filles en bdp et bdc pour arpenter les trottoirs parisiens, et même vu des hommes en bdp ! (courage les hommes en bottes , çà progresse lentement...)